Iron Lion Page 02

No Border No Nations / Galleria Principe di Napoli (ingresso nord) / Piazza Museo, Naples

Lying Lion / Lion lying down, to fallen Neapolitan patriots during the revolution of 1848. / Piazza dei Martiri, Naples

Euronics / Billboard inside Metro station Dante, Naples.

Lion with coat of arms of Rotterdam / Detail from the Maagd van Holland (Kaat Mossel) sculpture, 1874. / Nieuwemarkt, Rotterdam

ROARRRR / comic inspiration from: Agent 327, dossier vijf / Martin Lodewijk, 1980

Neapolis birds and turtle / Ornamenta Mulieris Silentium, Modestia Et Domi Manere / detail, print, 1623 / Museo Nazionale di San Martino, Naples / The print image is copied from Du Pinet (1564), and before it was copied from Guéroult (1553) and Münster borrowed it from him (1570). / iPhoto