Iron Lion Page 07

Greece / Mura Greche at Piazza Bellini, Naples. / This is the original west wall of the Greek city of Neapolis.

Real Teatro di San Carlo / Inside Teatro San Carlo (detail postcard) / Via San Carlo, Naples

Greek Orthodox Church / Greek Orthodox Parish Agios Nikólaos, opened in 1957 / Museumpark / Westzeedijk, Rotterdam

Mij Utrecht building / The gable stone during the demolishing of the old 1930’s Handel en Nijverheid van Levensverzekering Mij Utrecht building. At the back the new Mij Utrecht building appears. / photo (detail): C.M. Tholens, 1960 / copyright: M.C. Diggele-Tholens, Oud-Beijerland / collection Stadsarchief Rotterdam

Naples Egypt / Somewhere in Naples.

Owl I / This gable stone is part of the old municipality library building. Now it functions as the Erasmus University College. One of the few buildings (built between 1918 and 1923) from before WWII in the city centre. The Egyptian figure with the owl was made by the artist Jan van Lunteren and symbolises wisdom. / Nieuwemarkt, Rotterdam

Owl II / This gable stone is part of Woonflat Westzeedijk and was built in 1929. The owl was made by the artist J.C. Altorf.

Rotterdam Pyramid / A pyramid from 1994 above the parking lot at the Oost-
molenwerf building.

Triangleye / 10000 eyes, see page 6.