Iron Lion Page 12

Arab I / Arab guy talking about the greatness of the Rotterdam harbour. / videostill: Rotterdam 2040, original sequence still from Rotterdam Mainport Europe, by Ton Dirkse (1990).

Arab II / Beijerkoppen, detail of three LED-displays showing real-time portraits of tv-newsreaders on a building at the Beijer-landselaan in Rotterdam South, by artist
Toine Horvers, 2012.

Norsk / Detail of Sjømannskirken i Rotterdam, Norwegian Church Abroad in Rotterdam. / Realised in 1914 in typical 17th Century Norwegian architecture. In 1941 the wooden Seamen’s Church was bombed by the British and rebuilt in 1948. / Westzeedijk and Het Park, Rotterdam

Supermercados Rotterdam / A plastic bag of the supermarket with the name Rotterdam in Madrid (Spain).

Napoleon / Modified copy of the Coat of Arms diploma from Emperor Napoleon for Rotterdam. 1811, the year he visited (his) Rotterdam. The diploma where, in June 1811, Napoleon gave Rotterdam a modified Coat of Arms, with three bees. When Willem I (William I) became king of the Netherlands in 1813, our Rotterdam Coat of Arms removed the French symbols. / collectie Stadsarchief Rotterdam

Pulcinella / A classical character that originated in the 17th Century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry. But some say Pulcinella is much older. / iPhoto