Seagull / Some seagull between Naples and the island Capri.

Cops / Three cops chillin’ on their motorbikes on Piazza Trieste e Trento, Naples.

Gun / A detail of the mural ‘Madonna
con Pistola’ by the artist Banksy at Piazza Gerolomini.

Outlet / Some outlet store on Spaccanapoli, Naples.

Green Grocery / Grocery store, somewhere in Centro Storico in Naples.

Flag / The flag of Rotterdam at the border of the Kralingse Bos on the Langepadbrug.

Rotterdam Alley I / An alley before WWII in Rotterdam. Videostill from the film ‘De Steeg’ (The Alley) by the artist Jan Koelinga, 1932.

Rotterdam Alley II / The Wijdesteeg in the area Rotterdam Delfshaven is built around 1600 and was formerly known as the Wijde-
(Wijdegate). The name Wijdegate
was probably there because of the original wideness of the alley. In the years after, during the construction of extra buildings, the Wijdegate became Wijdesteeg (Wijde-alley). Rotterdam used to have many alleys. The Wijdesteeg is the last one.

Naples Alley / One of the many alleys in Naples. / Vico dei Maiorani

Yellow with some red / A yellow painted building, with a red curtain on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 303. / iPhoto